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i wanted to do sprites of my fantrolls but my usual spriting program isnt working so i had to use sai and thus i am gomen for how awful and also not transparent these are

anyway yeah fantrolls i have those

andraz zavala - mutant pink blood; aladdin in disguise

dejana kardos - obnoxiously sarcastic brown blood who likes to scrap and will bash you over the head with rocks

kainan alfero - sea dwelling purple blood pretty boy who spends almost as much time on his hair and makeup as he does lecturing others on the futility of existence

edit: i forgot andraz’s super intense scar

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  2. liquidatorbrunt said: Or should you say… ANAS, DEENE AND KAIMANA??? I bet you thought nobody remembered but IS remembers. IS ALWAYS REMEMBERS. Also, hello. Long time no chatter. We used to argue about native animals being more badass than each other.
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